We are launching our monthly Online lunch time sessions for GP tutors/teaching practices (1 to 1.45 PM) on the last Tuesday of each month to start 26th Jan 2021.

These sessions will be themed (creating a learning culture, learning needs assessment, formative assessments, 10 minute perception model, giving feedback) and facilitated by tutors who will share their ‘bright ideas’, in an informal, conversational setting.¬† The aim of these sessions is to foster an Online CoP of GP educators, engaging in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavour: GP education.


  • 1st session: Tues 26th Jan 21 – Creating a Learning Culture
  • 2nd Session: Tues 23rd Feb 21 – Assessing Learning Needs
  • 3rd session: Tues 30th Mar 21 – Effective Feedback
  • 4th Session: Tues 27th Apr 21 – Formative Assessment
  • 5th Session: Tues 25th May 21 – Clinical Teaching