Dr Claire Loughrey, Director of General Practice Education and Training in General Practice. 


Rebecca Mahood, Service Manager for General Practice Education & Training.


Dr Mark Cathcart and Dr Miriam Dolan as the clinical leads in the South West Federation.

Dr Davina Carr as the clinical lead in North Belfast Federation.


Please direct general queries to Rebecca.mahood@easterfsu.co.uk 

 Dr. Miriam Dolan

  • Born, raised and UG medical education in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • GP PG speciality training Northern Ireland
  • Masters degree in Medical Anthropology (University of Amsterdam)
  • Masters degree in Public Health/Health Service Management (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)
  • Masters degree in Clinical Education (Queens University, Belfast)
  • GP partner since 2002 in Lisnaseka, County Fermanagh- rural practice serving 14,500 patients in wide spread geographical area
  • Undergraduate Tutor for 15 years
  • Postgraduate GP trainer for 9 years
  • Member of Local Medical Council and Integrated Care partnership
  • Rural representative of NI on national Rural Forum of Royal College of General practioners
  • Clinical lead Sub-deanery pilot- organising GP placements in rural GP settings
  • Social farmer- people with an identified need (Enduring Mental health condition or Learning disability) attend our family farm four days a week to engage in meaningful, inclusive activities improving physical, psychological but especially social well-being 

Dr Davina Carr

  • Graduated from Queen’s University, Belfast in 2002 and GP PG Specialty Training in 2008.  Masters degree in Clinical Education from Queen’s University, Belfast 2019.
  • Salaried GP in Salisbury Medical Centre, a large urban practice in North Belfast serving 11, 000 patients since 2009.
  • GP tutor and GP Trainer since 2012.  GP Programme Director for Northern Area from 2018-2020.
  • Clinical Teaching Fellow in Clinical Skills Centre at Clinical Skills Centre, Belfast – focusing on senior years and acute care.  Deputy Lead on Acute Care Course in final year assistantship.
  • Clinical Lead in Subdeanery Medical Student Pilot in North Belfast Federation.
  • Loves all that promotes girls in team sports.